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What makes us different from a traditional pension firm?
Free IRS Auditing Support

This warranty is used to defend the IRS auditing end to end and also provide materials including but not limited to the following:

• All legal paperwork requested by IRS
• Issue annual valuation report requested by IRS
• Provide detailed compliance test result requested by IRS

LimPark™ is currently the only company in the market waiving the IRS auditing fee.

No Headcount Fee

Our competitors charge $100 per person per year in the plan as a headcount fee. LimPark™ is waiving this due to our internal automation tool.

We are currently the only company in the market that waives the headcount fee.

This warranty not only lowers the cost for our clients but also reduces the number of transactions per year and increases their cash flow stability.

Retirement Plan Re-evaluated Annually

We provide customized analysis and re-evaluation is also available upon request. LimPark™ re-evaluates the plan when your retirement goal, financial goal, or company structure changes.

Waived Setup Fee

The setup fee is equivalent to the first-year administration fee. In short, waiving up the setup fee cuts the first year fee in half.