What we do

At LimPark™, we believe everyone deserves an equal chance to succeed, especially when it comes to taking control of their financial future. We seek to level the playing field by leveraging technology to help small businesses to gain access to easier and smarter retirement savings. Despite advances in technologies, traditional retirement saving analysts are still using spreadsheets to manually perform the retirement savings core processes. LimPark™ focuses on end-to-end automation and superior user experience. We manage to achieve lower costs, shorter processing time, higher scalability, better information security, and enable the integration of machine learning to attain superior retirement saving design quality. Offering technical infrastructure and ever-growing insights, LimPark™ partners with financial professionals, corporations, and associations to guide small businesses to benefit from retirement savings.

Who we are

We are a new homegrown startup in Seattle founded by people who are passionate about helping small businesses optimize their retirement plans and hope to innovate this very old industry. Our goal is to help all types of small businesses intelligently optimize retirement saving design based on their needs with economical pricing, rapid plan generating and governance document provision.

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